Steel Structure Design Specification

Steel Structure Design Specification


The steel structure specification escorts steel structure construction, In order to achieve the high quality and safety, ZYM steel building system is in strict accordance with the specifications.

Steel Structure Design Specification

General Standard 

Code for seismic design of buildings  GB50011-2010 (2016 edition)

Code for Seismic Design of Structure Buildings  GB50191-2012

Code for Fire Protection of Building Design GB50016-2014

Building Structure Load Specification  GB50009-2012

Steel Structure Design Specification  GB50017-2003

Technical Specification for Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Structure GB50018-2002

General Technical Conditions for Fire Retardant Coatings for Steel Structures GB14907-2002

Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Steel Structures GB50205-2001

Light steel structure standard

Technical Specifications for Steel Structures of Light weight Houses with Portal Frames GB51022-2015

Gate-type rigid frame steel building members  JG144-2002

Technical Regulations for Light Steel Structure Residences  JGJ 209-2010

Technical Specification for Corrugated Web Steel Structure CECS291-2011

Technical Regulations for Arched Corrugated Steel Cover Structure CECS167-2004

Material Standard 

Carbon Structural Steel GB/T700-2006

Low alloy high strength structural steel  GB/T1591-2008

Alloy Structural Steel  GB/T3077-1999

Thickness direction performance steel plate  GB/T 5313-2010

Weathering Steel for Welded Structure GB/T 4172-2000

Quality Carbon Structural Steel  GB/T 699-1999

High weathering structural steel GB/T4172-2000

Heat-resistant steel plate  GB/T4238-1992