What Is Pre-engineered Building?

What Is Pre-engineered Building?


pre-engineered metal building system

What Is Pre-engineered Building?
What is Pre-engineered Building ?

The pre-engineered building (PEB) is one kind of steel structure building, fabricated using the upper raw metal material .PEB is designed and manufactured by PEB factory , meeting the structural and aesthetic design requirements. It is also called pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) in some geographic industry. 

The PEB framing structure consists of rigid frame ,which is fabricated from plate steel and I shaped members. The I shaped members are often called I -beam which is cold formed .Together with steel columns, they are assembled to the entire frame of the pre-engineered building. According to the local weather , large-span PEB can endure the higher load effects.

The Z and C shaped steel members may be used as secondary structure, to suppurt the external cladding. The roll-formed profiled steel sheet and glass curtainwall or other materials can be used for the PEB external cladding. The engineers will consider many factors to accurately design a pre-engineered building. For example, the clear span between bearing points, roof slope ,live loads ,internal crane and maximum practical size etc.

The pre-engineered metal building has many advantages compared to the conventional construction, because it is economical to creat the large column-free enclosure. The pre-engineered buildings are applied in many fields ,such as complex industrial facilities ,warehouses and distribution centers , also shopping centers,motels,auto dealerships ,office ,airplane hangars ,schools ,libraries ,churches and sports and entertainment arenas.

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