Qatar Steel Structure Warehouse

Qatar Steel Structure Warehouse


Due to rapid business expansion, the client company needs to build a steel structure warehouse. The construction is required to be completed within 80 days.

Qatar Steel Structure Warehouse

Project Name: Qatar Steel Structure Warehouse

Project scale: 30.4mx34.2mx13.9m (H), 1749.6 square meters

Project coordinates: Qatar

Due to rapid business expansion, the client company needs to build a steel structure warehouse. The construction is required to be completed within 80 days. The construction speed of the civil masonry model is too slow, and the construction is troublesome. Moreover, the local procurement of materials does not have an advantage. The market is monopolized, and the price is high. In addition, the seismic performance of concrete is poor, making it difficult to meet the needs of the owner and the project. Steel structure movable warehouses are easy to demolish and are environmentally friendly, so steel structure is an inevitable choice.

Qatar has a tropical desert climate, hot and dry, with humid coasts. The four seasons are not very obvious, and April October is summer, which is the longest season of the year. The highest temperature from July to September can reach 45 ℃, and the winter is cool and dry, with a minimum temperature of 7 ℃. The average annual precipitation is only 75.2 millimeters.

The steel structure warehouse in the project requires good insulation, so the purchase of roof tiles and exterior panels, 960 type 50mm colored steel rock wool sandwich tiles (0.426mm), greatly reduces the temperature inside the warehouse, makes the staff work more comfortable, and the budget can also be reasonably controlled.

For roof and wall purlins, it is recommended to use galvanized C-shaped steel. Galvanized C-shaped steel refers to a new type of steel that uses high-strength steel plates, undergoes cold bending and rolling forming, has uniform wall thickness, excellent cross-sectional performance, high strength, and can save 30% of material compared to traditional hot rolling.

Galvanized C-shaped steel has a uniform zinc layer, a smooth surface, strong adhesion, high dimensional accuracy, and all surfaces are wrapped in a zinc layer. It has a long service life, corrosion resistance, and durability, making it the most protective galvanized steel.

After the customer confirmed the contract, the company quickly responded by forming a project team, deepening the design drawings and steel structure drawings, and designing the most suitable solution for practical needs. Conduct technical scrutiny and efficiently complete all production challenges. Utilize deep prefabrication construction technology of steel structures to produce and prefabricate steel structural components in the factory.

At the same time, with years of experience in export container loading and overseas construction, the components are safely and timely delivered to the customer's location in batches, in an orderly manner. Skilled and experienced engineers are assigned to the steel structure warehouse site for guidance, achieving seamless integration of technology, production, and installation, delivering on time according to the owner's requirements, and completing the installation.

The performance of warehouse buildings created by the structure is superior to traditional warehouse buildings. Steel structured warehouses generally use lightweight roof and wall structures, with relatively less building materials, small size, and light weight. This greatly ensures the safety of warehouse staff, and is also convenient to transport, reducing transportation and lifting costs.

The foundation load is also correspondingly reduced, reducing the cost of the foundation and allowing for better expansion of the building space. The unique good ductility and seismic resistance of steel structures can better resist the impact of natural environment.