Steel Structure Design

Steel structure design is an important part of the whole steel structure construction, from the blueprint of steel structure design to the evolution of steel structure products.

ZYM steel structure building system is designed accordance with latest US& Europe specification.
We design our steel structure systems with an eye for the big picture, while paying attention to every little detail. 

GB50017-2017 Standard for Design of steel structures


We provide customers with customized design.According to customer needs,we design the steel structure. We and customers participate in the concept of future buildings design together . We will communicate with customers from the entire steel structure frame to every detail.Our goal is to design perfect building in the customer's mind.

Fast Design

We adopt advanced steel building design software, such as Austrialia Vertex,CAD-CAM system , Sketchup ,3D-Max and so on.The design team will give feedback for 12 hours, confirm the demand 24 hours, give a sketch for 48 hours, and determine the plan for 72 hours.

Full-set Drawings

ZYM will provide you elementary design, sketchup,3D model design , CAD design,and landscape design. We will provide the image of your steel house in all directions.

Typical Design Cases

ZYM design excellence is from the optimal solutions provided by the design team . Our design cases are approved by  our clients.  

Indonesia Steel Structure Warehouse 

Philippines Steel Structure Building 
     Mauritius Airport Steel Structure
We  Are Waiting For You 

we have a design team of 15 designers and 38 

engineers . They performs  in three stages: t

design, manufacturing design and installation design. 

Relying on their true expertise, they provide the 

optimal design solution and help you to achieve the 

balance of quality , function and cost .