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Project Manager Responsibility System

We have more than 20 senior project managers and registered construction engineers.
For large projects , we will send two ore more managers to manage the installation team.
The projects will be fast installed under the the management and guidance of the company's engineering department and project manager.

Safe And Fast Installation

We establish and improve a safe production system. We strictly abide by the Code for Installation of Steel Structures (GB 50017━2003). We strictly control the construction process to create a safe and perfect steel structure building.
The Erection Process 

Take a heavy steel structure workshop as an example .

Step 1. Prepare before construction 

Finish the foundation,check the construction steel material and equipment

Step2. Hoisting steel column and steel beam
Step3. Erect the purlin,brace and finish the frame

Step 4 Installing electrical bridge  and driving 
Step 5  Check the details of the steel structure connetion, outer side and so on  

Step6 Laying exterior wall panels

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