Prefabricated Steel Structure Poultry Farm For Dairy Shed In New Zealand

Group Poultry Steel Structure
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-08-01

Steel Structure Poultry House In New Zealand

The  project is steel frame structure.   It is cost saving compared to the concrete structure . 

The project spans 10-12 meters, the length is 60 meters,

The use life of steel structure farm can be more than 50 years  e
arthquake resistance can be 7 degrees

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The Steel Structure Poultry Farm  Advantage 
1. Steel structure is lighter in weight  

2. High reliability of prefab steel structure work 

3. The steel is resistant to vibration and impact resistance

4. The degree of industrialization of steel structure manufacturing is relatively high
5. Prefabricated Steel structure can be assembled accurately and quickly 

6. Large steel room interior space 

7. Easy to make a sealed structure

8. Steel structure is easy to corrode 

9. Steel structure can be recycled 

10. Steel structure building has a short construction period

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