Philippines Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop Construction With Cranes

Group Steel Structure Workshop
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Update Time 2019-06-26
Philippines Prefab Steel Structure Workshop Construction With Crane

Because the 
Steel structure has many advantages, our philippines clients choose the steel structure workshop.

The steel workshop has s
hort construction period, easy to process and easy to control accuracy.

The steel structure has high flexibility and high seismic performance.

According to our clients demand , we make the steel structure design for him .  The steel structure project 

size  is span 30*2 meters, length 12*12 meters, and height 21 meters.  clients want two cranes , with 50 tons 

large hooks and 20 tons small hooks.

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The heavy-duty lattice steel column has high quality ,Single-sided I-beam flange width 250mm,Unilateral I

steel web width 600mm, Single-sided I-word steel flange thickness 20mm.

In the installation of the steel frame , ZYM focuse on the high quality of  the steel structure joints , which can 

delay the use life of steel building. 

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Steel Structure Joints

Steel Structure Detail

In addition , we customize the optimal plan for the clients , including the steel structure roof  and  steel 

structure wall system . Our  One-Stop service is approved by our clients .

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Roof Siphon Drainage

Exterior Wall Installation                                                                   Steel Workshop
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