how to build a 1000 sqm steel structure warehouse workshop in Africa?

How to build a simple 1000sqm warehouse in Africa? This is a steel structure warehouse with a length of 40 meters, a width of 25 meters and a height of 6 meters. The project location is in Africa. Customers use it to build frozen food processing workshops and warehouses for storage. The steel structure warehouse workshop is very low in cost and only needs 30000 US dollars for materials. The total cost is not high because of the reduction in the price of sea freight.We provide design, prefabrication, packaging and installation services for all steel structure warehouse workshops.

What Is the Application Of Steel Structure Building?

The application of steel structures is becoming more and more extensive,for example Multi-storey And High-rise BuildingsLarge Span Roof Structure BuildingSteel structure warehouse steel structure workshopBridge steel structure framesteel structure schoolsteel structure officesteel structure dormitorysteel structure hotelsteel structure houseIndustrial plantDetachable structureSteel structure dome steel structure membrane Steel structure poultry houseRead MoreSteel Structure ApplicationsFor further information feel free to contact us                              steel structure station stadium  large span steel structure workshop warehouse steel structure column beam purlin frame prefabrication work in China

Are the steel structure connections site bolted or welded?

Are the steel structure prefabrication workshop connections site bolted or welded?All site connections are bolted. ,which reduces the  site installation time . All parts of the steel structure are prefabricated in the factory.All steel structure workshop warehouse frame are welding in Workshop.All the steel structure workshop warehouse prefabrication buildings are installation on site by bolt.For further information feel free to contact us 

What Is PEB ?

PEB means pre-engineered building. It The pre-engineered building (PEB) is one kind of steel structure building,fabricated using the upper raw metal material .PEB is designed and manufactured by PEB factory , meeting the structural and aesthetic design requirements.It is also called pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) in some geographic industry. Read More What Is Pre-engineered Building?Pre-engineered Buildings 

What is structural steel?

The structural steel is the steel that is mainly used to form the structure.The structural steel has the specific strength and formability. Formability is expressed as elongation after interruption of the tensile test. Structural steels are generally used for load bearing applications where the strength of the steel is an important design criterion.Structural steel can be subdivided into: alloy structural steel, carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel, heat resistant structural steel etc .The structural steel can be used in many field ,such as steel strucuture building, steel warehouse ,steel workshop, steel garage ,steel structure house Read More ZYM Projects

Is prefab steel structure stable?

Set your hearts at rest! You are completely safe living in the steel structure building even if there are hurricanes of 200km/h and 9-grade earthquake outside.

What is the advantage of the steel structure building ?

The steel structure is more "high, large and light".It has the advantages of light weight, factory manufacturing, quick installation,good seismic performance, and less environmental pollution. 

How long can the steel frame be used?

Don’t be worried .The use life of the mainsteel structure is the designed used life, usually is 50-100years(standard request of GB).Zhengyuanming will strictly control the steel structure quality for you !