Basic knowledge of steel structures

Basic knowledge of steel structures


The steel structure has many characteristics

Basic knowledge of steel structures

Characteristics of Steel Structures

1. The steel structure has a relatively light self weight

2. High reliability of steel structure workshop

3. The steel has good vibration (shock) resistance and impact resistance

4. High degree of industrialization in steel structure manufacturing

5 steel structures can be assembled accurately and quickly

Easy to make into a sealed structure 

7. Steel structures are prone to corrosion

8. Poor fire resistance of steel structures

The grades of commonly used steel structures

1.Carbon structural steel: Q195, Q215, Q235, etc

2 Low alloy high-strength structural steel

3. High quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel

4 Special Purpose Steel

Principles for material selection of steel structures

The principle of material selection for steel structures is to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the load-bearing structure and prevent brittle failure under certain conditions, taking into account factors such as the importance of the structure, load characteristics, structural form, stress state, connection method, steel thickness, and working environment.

The four types of steel models proposed in the "Code for Design of Steel Structures" GB50017-2003 are "suitable" for use, and are the first choice when conditions permit. The use of other models is not prohibited, as long as the steel used meets the requirements of the specification.