China steel building for three-dimensional garage steel structure

Group Multi-storey Steel Structure
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Update Time 2019-05-21
Material Characteristics:
The three-dimensional garage is semi-open, the roof and the upper wall are closed, and the bottom wall is not closed. To ensure durability, all materials are hot-dip galvanized and bolted at the site.

Structural Characteristics:

The three-dimensional garage structure is in the form of a supporting steel frame structure. The steel beam in the direction of the strong axis of the steel column is just connected, and the end span is increased by the round steel support. The direction of the weak axis is the eccentric articulation of the steel beam, and the second layer is the truss system composed of the steel beam and the angle steel.

The horizontal force of the strong axis of the steel column is supported by the frame just joined by the beam and column, and the horizontal force of the weak axis is carried by the truss system consisting of steel beam and angle steel. The steel beam in the weak axis direction of the frame is the main force steel beam of the moving track of the vehicle pallet. The steel beam angle steel truss system is connected to the inner flange plate of the steel column. The truss has an eccentric force on the steel column. Although there is a problem, in order to satisfy the tray The requirements for movement are structurally acceptable only.

The steel columns are HW200*200, the beam is HN200*100, the stiffener is 6mm, the M12 bolt (one bomb, one flat and one nut, the spring washer can prevent the vibration from loosening), and the M12 round steel support.

The garage steel structure design is basically reasonable, in order to meet the functional requirements, some unfavorable structural eccentricity is retained.
The beam-column direction of the steel column is just connected to the joint, and the upper and lower flanges of the steel beam are fixed.
Connection node of steel beam, angle steel and steel column
Connection node between round steel rod and steel column
Item name
Material Parameter
Technical Treatment
H shape,Box,steel pipe,Hot rolled sheet
Paint or Hot dip galvanized
H shape,steel Truss,Hot rolled sheet
Paint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel rod,Steel pipe,Angle steel
C or Z shape, purling Thickness:1.8mm~3.0mm
Hot dip galvanized
Wall and roof panel
EPS,Rock wool,Pu,Glass wool  Sandwich panel or Single sheet.
Steel T=0.426~0.8mm,insulation T=50~150mm
Alu-zinc 150g, Fluorocarbon paint
Sliding or rolling door
Steel or Aluminum sheet,T=1.0~1.5mm
Paint or Hot dip galvanized
alloy-Glass,Aluminium alloy-shutter
Lighting panel
FRP, T=1.5mm or T=1.8mm
Coefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cm/cm/℃
Light transmittance 85%
Turbine ventilator, and electric type
Steel,stainless steel,PC
Paint or Hot dip galvanized,304
Galvanized or stainless steel plate
Hot dip galvanized,304
PVC pipe,Color steel pipe T=0.5mm
Ordinary, high strength
Hot dip galvanized
Anchor bolt
Steel rod M24,M27 M30
                                  Steel columns                                              Steel Beams                                                   Tie bar 
                                    Knee Brace                                              Strutting  Piece                                           Casing  Tube
                                  C type purlin                                              Ztype Purlin                                                 Steel Sheet
                  Sandwich Panel                                                     Window                                                          Door 
                            Anchor Bolt                                      Strength Bolt                                            Natural  Ventilator
                                               We are different with full production system

Steel structure design is an important part of the whole steel structure construction. According to the Standard for Classification of Steel Structures,our steel building design is technologically advanced, economically,reasonable, safe and practical, and ensure quality.
Now we has 3 heavy steel production lines,2 light steel structure manufacturing lines. We has a complete production system of main steel structure,sub steel structure, purlin,structural accessories.
Strictly  Quality  Control 
In the process of designing, manufacturing and installing steel structures, we must insist the  most strictly sepcification of steel structure ,and make the procuct perfect .
Steel grade
GB/T 700-2006 Carbon Structural Steel Q235B(S235JR SS400 A36)
GB/T1591-2008 High Strength Low alloy 
Structural Steel Q345B(S355N,A50)
H beam GB/T11263-2010
Tube GB/T 6728-2002
Plate GB/T708.709
Angle GB/T706-2008
Fabrication GB50205-2001
HOT-galvanization GB/T13912-2002(ISO1461:1999)

The steel structure building team has more than 20 senior project managers and registered construction engineers .The project manager responsibility system makes the steel structure perfect.
11.8(L) * 2.13 (W) * 2.72 (H)
Packaging Details
all of the steel structure columns and the beams ends will be packed by the blanket to protect them from the collision during the shipping in the container.
11.8(L) * 2.13 (W) * 2.72 (H)
Packaging Details
all of the purlin ends will be packed by the blanket to protect them from the collision during the shipping in the container.
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