Sri lanka Fireproof Multi-storey Prefabricated Steel Structure Building For Workshop

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Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, D/A, T/T
Update Time 2019-07-16
Sri lanka Fireproof  Multi-storey Prefabricated Steel Structure Building For Workshop

Sri Lanka's Mr Dinith Thabrew wants to build a simple three-storey factory with only one sketch, which he did 

when he sent it to us.
Then we communicated for two hours to determine other specification details.

All the steel structure frame were designed according to clients' site environment:

Wind speed: 30m/s

Earthquack level: 6 Level

Second floor and third floor: 200kg/sqm

He wants to use part of this simple multi-storey building for production and storage, and another part to 

open up some office. So we designed a very simple warehouse according to his requirements.

Because there were no other special requirements, we opened two shutter doors to the storeroom, and some 

windows were placed on each floor.

In order to minimize the cost of customers, we chose 0.5mm color steel plate for wall panel and roof panel 

(specially used for steel structure factory, color steel plate V840 and 950 color steel plate for warehouse and 

prefabricated office room,laid house,prefab living house)

However, because the place where the customer is located is a wet place, we choose the epoxy zinc-rich paint 

for steel structure. There is no galvanized steel structure,
because the galvanized steel structure is too 

expensive, and the customer's plant project is not at the seaside, so there is no need to increase the cost of 

the customer.Although the customer requirements are not high, all steel components are thoroughly tested 

by the factory.

The welded welds are very flat and the film thickness is completely up to the customer's anti-corrosion 

We can make the most expensive steel structure, but we only provide the right one for the 


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we will still provide the service after the steel structure installation. 

For further information feel free to 
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